Αξεσουάρ για καγιάκ
pfd orange pfd black hydration bladder
Mocke PFD Orange - 119 € Mocke PFD Black - 125 Hydration Bladder - 30 Hydration Tube - 8 €
The MOCKE Racer PFD has a unique body moulding floatation system that makes it the most comfortable PFD on the market! The NEW Mocke Racer PFD in Black is based on our internationally successful Mocke Racer PFD and is aimed specifically at the river paddler. The MOCKE Rapid Hydration Bladder is a high performance, versatile sports hydration bladder suitable for integrating with most PFD’s and hydration backpacks. The MOCKE Rapid Hydration XL Tube is an extra length (140cm) drink tube that can be used for setting up our Rapid Bladder on a surfski, K1 or kayak. The XL Tube will reach from your footwell to your mouth.
drybag calf lease hat saet
Dry Bag XL - 30 €
Calf Leash - 19 €
Fly Dry Visor - 20 € Seat Pad - 15 €

Introducing our brand new MOCKE Cellphone Dry Bag XL, designed to fit and float iPhone 6 Plus and similar large smart phones.

The MOCKE Life Line is designed for open ocean paddling as well as leisure kayaking.

The perfect paddling visor made to absorb your sweat on the inside while shedding water from paddle splash and surf on the outside.

Ensure a more comfortable fit in your surfski or kayak.

Our generic and ergonomically shaped seat pad fits most paddle craft seats.

deluxe bag cover paddle dvd book
Deluxe Paddle Bag - 85 € Paddle Cover - 55 € Ocean Paddling DVD - 15 € SurfSki with the Pros.. - 25 €
It is designed to be the ONE bag every paddler will need for: training, traveling, racing or all of the above.

The MOCKE Paddle Shell is like a bomber jacket for your paddle!.

This is a 5 part DVD that teaches you all you need to know when getting started in a surf ski.

SURFSKI with the Pros… provides information that paddlers at all levels can use to improve their skills, helping you to progress from the moment that you put your ski on the water for the first time to the day when you are ready to compete in an event.

life jacket nelo cap nelo combo brac wind vest nelo
NELO PFD - 75 € Nelo Surf Ski Cap - 25 € Braca Combo Bag - 69€ NELO Wind Vest - 36 €

High visibility Personal Floating Device.

High visibility cap by Craft

Large pocket to store an adjustable paddle. Two waterproof pockets for clothes and other training gear. Made of special, tear-resistant micro ripstop nylon and closed-cell foam padding. Perfect bag for travelling or everyday use

100% Polyester. Wind Vest with front and back in 100% wind and water proof material and with elastic thermic tissue on the bands. Ideal for training under rainy and/or windy conditions.

t shirt long sleeve shorts colan
Nelo T-Shrt - 26 € Nelo Long - 33 € Nelo Shorts - 20 € Nelo Pants - 25 €

Polyester thermal wear (90% polyester, 10% elastan). Lightweight cloth with quick dry treatment.

Polyester thermal wear (90% polyester, 10% elastan). Lightweight cloth with quick dry treatment.

Polyester thermal wear (100% polyester). Lightweight cloth with quick dry treatment.

Polyester thermal wear (100% polyester). Lightweight cloth with quick dry treatment.

protection hat nelo cover surf ski paddle float
Paddle Protection - 10 € Nelo Hat - 15 € Surf Ski Cover - 85 € Paddle Float - 35 €

Because not all strokes are 100% perfect, specially when applying maximum power, and everyone wants to keep the boat as pristine as possible, we developed an adhesive transparent boat protection to discreetly protect the boat from hard blade hits.

Keep warm on those cold training sessions in this NELO beanie. One size fits all.

Cover for surfski boats. Fits NELO 560, 560M and 520.

This inflatable Paddle float can be used in conjunction with a Paddle to stabilize a kayak in the event of a capsize, making re-entry easier. Inflating is easy using our two-way lockable valve that ensures water won't get in.

paddle seabird braca surf tel cover
Paddle SeaBird - 65 € Braca IV Surf - 399 € Waterproof water bag - 12 €

Aluminum paddles are strong and stiff with plastic blades and are a great value for recreational paddlers..Touring Aluminum/Pe paddles are available in two-piece. Two-piece paddle feather angle can be set on two different positions: 65°-0°. Length 215 – 225cm

Brača IV Surf Ski blades have a special reinforcement in the most stressed areas, which makes them suitable for paddling in the surf zone.  All Brača IV Surf Ski paddles are available with an Adjustable Shaft System.

The easiest and safest way to attach a mobile phone to your boat 90 degrees freedom of rotation. Quick lock, GoPro mounts compatible.